Audio3D for the psychosocial rehabilitation of ASD


This PhD project focuses on multi-sensory Virtual Environments (VE) centered around 3D audio - or spatialized audio - in Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) in order to enhance the autistic child perception and processing of social stimuli. We aim at developing multisensory approaches (audio with visuals, and maybe vestibular, tactile) that are progressive and adaptative, being in contact with autism experts, in order to: enhance the perception of stimuli that are unexpected or outside of the field of vision; better understand the contribution of audio3D in different contexts (audio, audio/visuals, audio/haptic, audio/visual + haptic). We will then be able to assess the potential of 3D audio to increase curiosity of children with ASD in comparison with other modalities in VR/VA. We will also focus on the most adapted technologies to measure the efficacy of prototypes.

Phase 1 - Octobre 2019 up to now

  • Interviews practitioners and people from the ASD community
  • Analysis of the interviews
  • Comparison of the interviews’ results with the literature in the field