Collaborative Audio Augmented Reality


“Please Confirm you are not a Robot”

Developing this interactive and collaborative Audio Augmented Reality (AAR) experience for up to four people at a time called “Please Confirm you are not a Robot”, with Anna Nolda Nagele and all people at BBC R&D was great. The tests were very fun and call to take a closer look at collaborative and interactive AAR. Check the project and video below.


  • Date: April - August 2019
  • Place : BBC Research & Development, London & Queen Mary University of London
  • Collaboration with Anna Nagele
  • People involved : Chris Baume, Chris Pike, Henry Cooke, Tim Cowlishaw, Josh Reiss


Audio Augmented Reality (AAR) consists of adding spatial audio entities into the real environment. Existing mobile applications combined with the affordances of current technology open questions around interactive and collaborative AAR. This exploratory study proposes an AAR interactive multiplayer game to examine how can spatial audio support actions in interactive AAR experiences, and how can gamified participatory AAR enhance storytelling. The game is designed for a group of four participants and uses Bose Frames (BF) Audio Sunglasses. We present the platform, game, user experiments and testing methodology in the paper that was published from the poster, the bbc blogposts, and the report. The results show that gamified AAR offers a great potential for human interaction, particularly to prompt communication. Moreover, combining 3D audio with movements and user interactions spurs the user engagement.


Presentation Video


Want to know more ?

BBC articles about the project

  • Audio Augmented Reality - Developing ‘Please Confirm You are not a Robot’: link
  • Recommendations for Designing Audio Augmented Reality Experiences: link

Presentation at Euro VR International Conference (Best Poster):

  • Bauer, V., Nagele, A., Baume, C., Cowlishaw, T., Cooke, H., Pike, C., and Healey, P.G.T. (2019). Designing an Interactive and Collaborative Experience in Audio Augmented Reality. In: Bourdot P., Interrante V., Nedel L., Magnenat-Thalmann N., Zachmann G. (eds) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. EuroVR 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11883. Springer, Cham

Full description of the project in the report below: