Valentin Bauer is a composer, violinist and pianist, with a background in classical music, jazz music, world music, electronic music, sound design and music prototyping. He works towards blending these influences in his practice. Passionate about film scoring composition and sound creation, he develops strong skills at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP) in film-scoring composition (prof. Marie-Jeanne Serrero), music writing (prof. Hervé Jamet), music analysis, orchestration, aesthetic, and alongside the film-scoring composer Armand Amar. Back then, he composed the music for the short movies Mayra (2016 - Charlotte Michalak) and Aigre-Doux (2016 - Anne-Lise Nemorin), and the sound creation « unconscious cogs » (France Culture, 2017). Since then, he has worked on several projects: 2017/2018 Cinekids Teaser (Forum des Images), Short Movies for Transamo society (2018 - Anne-Lise Némorin ; 2019 - Camille Alméras; 2020 - Aurore Peuffier). He currently works on a animation short movie with the director Anne-Lise Némorin for the next exhibition called 'Cancer' at the Cité des Sciences).


Récent / En cours

  • Mai 2020 : Participation au concours SABAM World Sound Track award
  • Avril 2020: Participation Dispositif 3ème Personnage | Festival Aubagne